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Mike Zappone

VP Sales and Marketing at Tempest Energy
Retired, Eversource Energy, Electric Sector, 30+ yrs Chair, Multi-State Fleet Response Working Group

Aaron Strickland

Director of Business Development, Utilicon Retired, Southern Company Electric Sector, 30+ yrs

Anthony Hurley

Consultant, Utilities and Critical Infrastructure, Emergency Management & Physical Security Professional
Retired, First Energy
Electric Sector, 30+ yrs

Jim Nowak

Sr. Director, Operations, Products & Services, ARCOS
Retired, American Electric Power
Electric Sector, 30+ yrs

Cross Sector Communications & Coordination

Independent Consultant/Experienced Utility-Emergency Management Executive

David Vanderbloemen

Principal Consultant at DV Consulting, LLC & Retired, Dominion Energy
Electric Sector, 30+ yrs

Storm School is a high-level leadership preparation training program designed for emerging cross-sector leaders in disaster management.

Key Takeaways

In this program, you will:

 ■ Learn how to save time & resources by enhanced supply chain movements during disasters 
 ■ Learn to solve operational problems that involve government
 ■ Learn how to reduce the workload on slow response government participants    
 ■  Learn how to implement policy change despite elections and turnover
 ■ Create a powerful response plan for a real-world scenario
 ■ Drive growth and defend against disruptions using a financial risk assessment

Who Are These Resources For?

This program is for managers who are responsible for coordinating initiatives with state/local government emergency managers. But it’s also geared towards any manager or executive who contributes to the organization’s disaster response initiatives. If you have a role in driving solutions, whether through customer experience touchpoints, supply chain, distribution channels, or general management, you can benefit from learning about the critical role that a planning & problem solving frameworks play in driving sustainable, long-term policy.
Representative roles include:

 ■ Brand managers and directors
 ■ Brand ambassadors such as customer experience managers
 ■ Branding agency executives and team
 ■ Founders/entrepreneurs
 ■ Marketing, communication, and creative leaders
 ■ Growth and strategy leaders, including consultants
 ■ General managers

Increased Resilience for All

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