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Mike Zappone

VP Sales and Marketing at Tempest Energy
Retired, Eversource Energy, Electric Sector, 30+ yrs Chair, Multi-State Fleet Response Working Group

Aaron Strickland

Director of Business Development, Utilicon Retired, Southern Company Electric Sector, 30+ yrs

Anthony Hurley

Consultant, Utilities and Critical Infrastructure, Emergency Management & Physical Security Professional
Retired, First Energy
Electric Sector, 30+ yrs

Jim Nowak

Sr. Director, Operations, Products & Services, ARCOS
Retired, American Electric Power
Electric Sector, 30+ yrs

Cross Sector Communications & Coordination

Independent Consultant/Experienced Utility-Emergency Management Executive

David Vanderbloemen

Principal Consultant at DV Consulting, LLC & Retired, Dominion Energy
Electric Sector, 30+ yrs

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About AHC

All Hazards Consortium, a 501(c)(3) organization, fosters an environment where industry and government can collaborate on cross-sector issues, explore interdependencies, broaden situational awareness, lower operational risks, prioritize investments and enhance infrastructure security and resilience via public/private planning, training, exercises and research.

As with all disasters, any information is subject to change without notice. The All Hazards Consortium, its working groups and partners, and industry and government stakeholders expressly disclaim any liability whatsoever, for any usage of this information by its recipient(s). Recipient’s usage of this data constitutes a waiver of any claim it may have with respect to its use of the data. Please consider all information operationally confidential.

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Storm School is a high-level leadership preparation training program designed for emerging cross-sector leaders in disaster management.

Key Takeaways

In this program, you will:

 ■ Learn how to save time & resources by enhanced supply chain movements during disasters 
 ■ Learn to solve operational problems that involve government
 ■ Learn how to reduce the workload on slow response government participants    
 ■  Learn how to implement policy change despite elections and turnover
 ■ Create a powerful response plan for a real-world scenario
 ■ Drive growth and defend against disruptions using a financial risk assessment

Who Are These Resources For?

This program is for managers who are responsible for coordinating initiatives with state/local government emergency managers. But it’s also geared towards any manager or executive who contributes to the organization’s disaster response initiatives. If you have a role in driving solutions, whether through customer experience touchpoints, supply chain, distribution channels, or general management, you can benefit from learning about the critical role that a planning & problem solving frameworks play in driving sustainable, long-term policy.
Representative roles include:

 ■ Brand managers and directors
 ■ Brand ambassadors such as customer experience managers
 ■ Branding agency executives and team
 ■ Founders/entrepreneurs
 ■ Marketing, communication, and creative leaders
 ■ Growth and strategy leaders, including consultants
 ■ General managers

Increased Resilience for All

Flexible options available. Learn more.