Business Continuity and Impact Analysis

How to quickly identify the top three (3) threats to your business operations and leverage proven strategies and checklists to enhance your business continuity planning to keep your business protected from any present or emerging threat.
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Course Description

This course will help you quickly understand the strategies and components of effective Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Business Impact Analysis (BIA) plans that can save your business. It will provide you with real world examples of both the failures and successes experienced by organizations of all sizes. The course will help you identify understand potential threats, obstacles in implementing the planning process, how to manage resources, conduct training and exercises of you BCP plan, and who you can find other organization that can help you along the way.
Level: Intermediate
Number of lessons: 17
Avg. Length: 16 min.
Time Required: 6 Hours min.
Course code: SC108

Meet Your Instructor

Anthony Hurley

Instructor: Tony Hurley

Instructor Title: Principal, Critical Preparedness, LLC, Former Operations Executive, First Energy, Retired from the electric sector after 37 years

Instructor Bio: Tony has over 40 years of experience working in the utility sector. He celebrated 37 years with a Fortune 200 corporation, serving in management roles for five (5) of their electric utilities in three states (OH, PA and NJ). He retired in 2017 as Vice President of Operations for an electric utility that served 1.1 million customer meters, where he managed an operations workforce of 1,250 professionals and represented employees. Post retirements, Tony has worked with critical infrastructure, government, territorial and tribal entities across the continental United States, Alaska, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.

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Course Modules

Course Moduels
  • ​Introduction
  • ​Background
  • What You’ll Learn (Deliverables)
  • ​Phases of Business Continuity
  • ​Is Business Continuity Important?
  • What exactly is Business Continuity?
  • ​Business Continuity Planning is NOT..
  • ​Recovery Steps addressed by a BCP
  • ​Challenges to Business Continuity Implementation
  • ​Business Continuity Failures
  • ​Risk Assessment
  • ​Business Impact Analysis
  • Test, Train & Maintain
  • ... and More

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Storm School is a high-level leadership preparation training program designed for emerging cross-sector leaders in disaster management.

This training course is part of the AHC's Storm School initiative, a high-level leadership preparation training program designed for emerging cross-sector leaders in disaster management and business continuity.

Sponsored by the AHC's newly formed Applied Operational Research Institute (ACHi), this overarching leadership training has been designed by experienced, nationally recognized operational leaders in the private sector to help new and emerging leaders in industry and government master the art of disaster management and business continuity based on real world experiences and practical perspectives gained only form 30+ years in the field.

FEMA deployed thousands of staff to respond to multiple large-scale disasters in 2017 and 2018.

"....focus groups cited issues with personnel who were deemed “qualified” but didn’t have the skills to effectively perform their jobs, which affected disaster assistance."

Course Learning Objectives

In this course, you will:

 ■ Understand the purpose and how best to apply your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to prevent business disruptions and accelerate recovery

 ■ How to identify, understand and articulate your top three (3) threats including sources, frequencies, impacts, and drivers behind your Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

 ■ Learn the proven approaches and thought processes needed to develop a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

 ■ Understand, identify, and mitigate the challenges to your business continuity planning and implementation to save you time and reduce BCP costs

 ■ Apply strategies for the quick development of an effective Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to know where to focus your resources to get the best results    
 ■ Learn from real-world examples of past business continuity failures, new potential threats, and cascading impacts of these threats on your organization and supply chain
 ■ Learn how to apply successful strategies to developing and maintaining BCP planning checklists to help you avoid mistakes and coordinate stakeholders and efforts
 ■ Understand the importance of training and exercising your personnel on your BCP to avoid confusion and streamline response actions, avoid costly delays, are effectively prepare your people for action  when needed

 ■ Understand how to create checklists to test, train & maintain your Business Continuity Plans

Course Syllabus

Lesson 1: Introduction
 ■ Meet your instructor and understand why this topic is so important to all businesses.

Lesson 2: Agenda
 ■ Terminology
 ■ Business Continuity Overview
 ■ Business Continuity Failures
 ■ Plus more...

Lesson 3: What You’ll Learn
 ■ Get a guideline(s) for Strategy & Plan Development
 ■ Checklist to Test, Train & Maintain your Business Continuity plans
 ■ Plus more…

Lesson 4: Phases of Business Continuity
 ■ Risk Assessment – The process, the risks, determining priorities, comparing courses of actions, informing decision-makers.
 ■ Plus more...

Lesson 5: Is Business Continuity Important?
 ■ Understanding the impacts of disasters (physical or cyber) on small businesses
 ■ National statistics on business closures w/out business continuity planning
 ■ Impacts to employees and communities
 ■ Plus more...

Lesson 6: What exactly is Business Continuity?
 ■ Business Continuity Planning defined
 ■ Processes and systems
 ■ Prevention and recovery
 ■ Potential threats to a company
 ■ Minimize business interruptions, both planned and unplanned
 ■ Plus more...

Lesson 7: Terminology
 ■ Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
 ■ Organizational business functions and resources
 ■ Disaster scenarios identified in a risk assessment.
 ■ Plus more...

Lesson 8: Business Continuity Planning is NOT …
 ■ A guide to operating your organization “business-as-usual”
 ■ A massive and cumbersome set of documents that are meant to be referenced during a disaster
 ■ Plus more...

Lesson 9: Recovery Steps addressed by a BCP
 ■ Steps to follow
 ■ Withstanding changes in the business environment
 ■ Maintaining key functions
 ■ Communicating
 ■ Training and exercising

Lesson 10: Challenges to Business Continuity Implementation

 ■ Lack of senior management support
 ■ Incorrect assumptions
 ■ Limited funds and resources
 ■ No time to devote to BCP
 ■ Plus more...

Lesson 11: Business Continuity Failures
 ■ Traditional Reasons for Business Continuity Failures
 ■ Planning Failure – Facility Design, Facility Selection
 ■ Plus more...

Lesson 12: Risk Assessment
 ■ Identifying and minimizing key risks/threats
 ■ Risk Considerations for Business Continuity Planning
 ■ What are your organization's greatest risks?
 ■ Plus more...

Lesson 13: Business Impact Analysis
 ■ Benefits of Performing a BIA
 ■ Business Impact Analysis Considerations
 ■ Key Components - BIA
 ■ Plus more...

Lesson 14: Test, Train & Maintain
 ■ Discussion-based exercises
 ■ Homeland security exercise & evaluation program
 ■ Plus more...

4.97 based on 27 reviews

100% 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

After your purchase, you have 14 days to ensure the resource is valuable for you. If you're not completely satisfied and don't find enough value in it, we will refund your payment, guaranteed!

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